YouTube Video Embed


I’m exploring the possibilities of an app that involves user created videos but I’d prefer to not have to built my own custom cloud video cdn. Has anyone experimented or found ways to embed YouTube videos? As of now the only solution I have is using the video embed feature built into YouTube and using a web view in dropsource. This unfortunately is not very visually appealing. Due to the small screen size most of the player controls appear smashed together.

Anyone have any ideas?


@mackenly.j I don’t know of any outside offhand and yea this is a UX area where we’re lacking. I will write this up in our feature tracker. Maybe someone will reply here with a solution for now.


Thanks, you’re right this is a big hole in functionality for dropsource.


Not needed if this feature request if implemented:


Thanks, Mackenly for the info and suggestion. As replied in that post too, I will add this not for consideration in the feature request too.