Wrong Tab Focused Color


At the time I’m testing the app on the simulator, and real device on XCode, I’ve noticed focused tab bar colors are not exporting well on XCode, and appears as Blue in the final device.

This is the simulator screenshot:

Ant these are the settings I have on Dropsource:


Hey Sergio, thanks for reporting this, I’ve passed it on to the dev team.


Hey Sergio, when I downloaded the code I saw the appropriate colors and I also simulated it in appetize and could not reproduce. Can you confirm this is still an issue?


In Appetize works fine, but when testing on the XCode IDE, color appears as blue.

P.S: I have not modified anything by my own on XCode, just opened it, and tested in on my device.

EDIT: I can now say this is an issue I’m experimenting in all my apps, even in last published CABS Kids App.


I’ve just checked that this issue is not a problem with Dropsource, this is just happening to devices running iOS 9 and below, which are not being officially covered by Dropsource.

If you want to run your Dropsource app on iOS 9 and below, and you are having this issue, here is an easy solution to it: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/26835148/change-tab-bar-item-selected-color-in-a-storyboard/29673404#29673404