Why did my Android build fail because of a map view issue?


Says ‘write error’

I am using a dynamic element with a list tile inside.

On Load of the list tile i am following the steps to create a latlng object, set a map view, and create a marker.

When I go to build the app, it fails and tells me to contact support. I have an active API key for Google installed.


Hi @justincrabbe, this sounds like a non-typical way to load info into a map - is the map inside the list tile? If not this won’t work, you can’t usually refer to anything outside the list in tile load events. If you’re trying to display an array of places on a map you would use the Iterate through Array action - we have a tutorial on that:


When I try this on the 200 code response event, I can’t select the map view… ?


My map view is placed inside of a list tile and it’s assigned the same data source.


OK, that’s why I asked if the map was inside the tile. Do you mean that you have a list full of map views? That isn’t going to work, the map has to be at page level and not inside a dynamic element - typically you would only use one map per page, so I’d suggest e.g. having a separate page for your map view and linking to it from the list tile.


Sue’s correct here. Maps should not be inside a dynamic element. Imagine a page with a map taking up half the screen and a table (list) of items below it. When the user taps a item in the list, the map updates to show the location, etc.


@wade I’m wondering why dropsource is limited in the sense that you cannot display a map inside of a dynamic element…

I have a list of locations that I need to display.

Routes have a departure and an arrival location and I have the lat / long’s for the two maps that I’m trying to show within the dynamic element.

Is there a work around to be able to have the maps inside of the dynamic element in a list format?


I understand your pain here. Here’s 2 reasons for this. 1 of UX/Design and the other of Hardware capability.

Due to the scroll ability of a map and the necessity to scroll a dynamic element, this scroll layering provides for a poor user experience. I recommend adjusting your design to pose a static element on a page to house the map details.

The other reason here is of memory allocation. MapViews are heavy in terms of Memory usage so filling a dynamic table with several MapViews is not a wise decision in this regard as well.