White screen on dashboard


When I go on the dropsource website and press on the login button, I am redirected to the dashboard of my account. But instead of the dashboard I get a white screen. Is there a way to fix it?


Interesting. The same issue doesn’t happen when I recreate it.

Are you using Chrome browser? If you are, could you screen record your process so I can see it happening?


It seems I can only reply with pictures so I can’t show you the recording.
If I go on the website from the explorer it works, but it doesn’t work from chrome. i’ve tried from more then one device, but the same thing always happened.


Okay, thanks for the reply @moutassem. I will reach out to engineering and get them to take a look internally.

I assume this used to work as expected in the past, right?

Have you tried the obvious things like fully quitting Chrome and trying again? Also, going even further with a full computer restart too? I figure you have but I have to cover my bases.


Oh also… what is your login email so I can pass that to them too?