WhereTo for iOS


Hi, everyone!

My iOS app got approved yesterday, so I wanted to share my experience with Dropsource.

Many of you know Foursquare, it’s a great app for finding new places to visit. Very long time ago I used it to search for popular venues nearby and it helped me to make decisions in real time. For some reason this function disappeared and never made it’s way back in the original form. I decided to build a simple app based on this feature by using Foursquare API and Dropsource, which seems to be the perfect solution for such projects.

WhereTo displays venues with most people checked-in at in any city you enter. It’s a great companion for finding a place to go right before you head out or planning a trip to another town. Instead of just showing popular places, it sorts them by the amount of people currently checked-in. You can quickly choose any location if you ever wondered where people hang out in New York or Amsterdam, for example.

WhereTo is built using Dropsource with not a single code modification after export. I also didn’t have to create splash images and icons for every Apple device - Dropsource did it automatically. When you export the app to Xcode, you only have to adjust a couple of settings in order to submit it to TestFlight or App Store - it’s surprisingly easy and painless.

You can test WhereTo for free on the App Store.


Wow, very nice work Nick! This looks like a pretty cool (and useful) app!


Sean, thank you very much!

I hope it’s useful :slight_smile: