Where is "NSDATE" Data Type? iOS


I may be in the wrong category “Foundation” but I am trying to get a Date sent to Bubble from an iOS dropsource app.

On Android, I select Java and then Date and it links up and binds directly to a ‘Date’ on Bubble but iOS doesn’t for whatever reason.

Apparently I am to look for a NSDATE based on forums but can’t seem to find it anywhere.

How do I create a date page variable so that it can be sent (and most importantly bound to) a Date data type in Bubble?



NSDate is actually deprecated these days and exchanged for Swift’s Date class. You have it right in the photos. That’s the Date object for instance.

If you create a date object and set its date, a really handy feature is the timestamp property which is a string of the Unix time code in milliseconds. This a way to send a string that can be interpreted into a date on their side as well


Here’s a thread you and I spoke about things pertaining to this.


Thanks @wade.

Main thing to know I guess is a Date on iOS doesnt pair to a Bubble Date like it does on Android.