What's going on with Dropsource?


Dear Dropsource,
Dropsource is an amazing platform and some of us are huge fans and invested some time into the platform.
There used to be consistent releases on average once a month.
The last two releases (Offline support and Math expressions) were amazing and got some of us excited about the potential of this platform.
But for some reason the last platform release was January 7th 2019. That is more than half a year.

For those of us who love this platform and are hoping to create amazing apps on it, it makes us wonder.
Recent changes to the website suggest a shift towards Dropscource as a development agency instead of as a development platform.
Maybe this is a better business model for Dropsource.
But it will really be nice for Dropsource to inform its users and fans what the direction is.
Some of us want to know whether we should continue to invest time into the platform or consider some alternatives if the company is taking the development agency route.

But on the other hand if it is a matter of working on something Huuuuge (in President Trump’s voice), like the plugin system or Flutter (yes I read your blog post on flutter) and that’s why there hasn’t been any updates it will still be helpful to let us know what is cooking so we can plan.

And what happened to the Dropsource Partner program?

A bit of communication will help guys.



I’m loving Dropsource so far.

Hope it does well.


@justin Yes I love dropsource too. I’ve tried several hybrid platforms and nothing beats having truely native experience that dropsource provides.
This is why I’m really hoping dropsource would keep us informed on what’s going on with the platform as currently we’re in the dark.


I think Dropsource is great, and the other day I tried to get my employers to invest in an enterprise licence. The response we got was that Dropsource are focusing on custom app development, not selling licenses. The link on my account page to the enterprise page goes to a 404 error lol. Not sure what all this means for the current free developer accounts etc. but as you say, it would be good for Dropsource to inform us.


I totally agree. Features like dynamic text cell height on tables, elements, video playing features (i know the webview was given as an alternative -but not the same), dynamic element heights, reverse table order etc. were requested for by many but have not come into effect. I understand its a lot of work for the dropsource team, but I do hope they are working on updates.


Hey Guys - we have been working on a forum post detailing what we have been up to. You can find it here:



:facepunch:t5: good to know!


I hope DropSource has a stable business and and I really love this platform.