What To Use? On Resume? On Start? On Pause?


Trying to sort out how to have the text change when a user inputs time using a time picker and date using a date picker:


When the user is finished inputting the date picker or time picker the text views ‘DATE’ and ‘TIME’ you see above should be set the value of the users input (a page variable).

I’ve tried on start/create/resume and they don’t change. Actually, they remain blank, as i assume they’re being set when the page variable is empty when the page is opened.


@justincrabbe, you’re correct that those events are occurring when the page itself is created, etc. Pickers have a Value Changed event where you can add logic and actions when the user adjusts the value of the element.


Is this for Android?

I am using a view on-click which shows a date picker and then collects the inputs setting them as page variables.

How do I access the event ‘value changed’ of a view in this case?


Sorry… For android. Would you want to set the values of your element on the date picked event of the Date Picker? Maybe I’m not understanding what you’re trying to do here?