What server can I use to build apps in dropbox


Hello, i am new to app development and dropsource wish to know which server in particular may i sue to get started. thanks.

cc @markpiller


@jimbakoume Thanks for posting in the forum. Do you want to share the details you shared with me in email with @markpiller? As I said, he’s with Backendless, and very knowledable about this side of the operation and how we pair up with them.

Mark, Jim had a number of more custom needs that Dropsource can’t fulfill natively so I recommended he ask in the forum and give details on what he needs to see if Backendless would be a viable solution for his needs.

@jimbakoume feel free to share more details on your needs of the project here so Mark can offer contextual advice if you would.


@jimbakoume, a decision on which server to use for your project would largely depend on the requirements for your application. If you could share any details, I’d be happy to help in deciding whether Backendless would be a fit.