We've launched Dropsource Enterprise and Professional Services


Hey Dropsource community, we’re pleased to announce we have expanded platform offerings with Dropsource Enterprise and Professional Services.

Dropsource Enterprise includes new features designed for organizations, including:

  • App versioning
  • Deployment services (MDM, Test Flight, etc.)
  • Phone and video support
  • Personalized training sessions
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Learn more about Dropsource Enterprise

Our Professional Services can act as an extension of your team’s resources, they include:

  • Prototype Development
  • Plugin Development
  • Requirements & Design Review
  • Data Integration Assistance
  • Complete App Development

Learn more about Professional Services

A huge thank you to all of you, our community of passionate developers, for all your support!

– Will


Cool :clap:.

So now that you’re offering Plugin Development as a Professional Service, are there plans to open the Plugin Development to third-party developers any time soon?


Hey there @seanhoots :grin:
We are actively exploring how we can do this. It is absolutely on our list of priorities, but I don’t have a timeline for it yet. We will certainly keep you and the community posted as our discussions progress.

:pray: Thanks as always for your activity and support of the Dropsource community.


Thanks @will for the prompt response.

Let me play the devils advocate here.
Aren’t Dropsource’s Professional Service going to compete with Enterprise customer’s service?
Akin to how Microsoft decided to create their own hardware division to compete with the hardware manufacturers that they created the operating system for.
Or Google creating their own android devices to compete with the Enterprise customers.

If that is so, are there going to be some features/services exclusive to only Dropsource Professional Service?
Similar to the way Google’s Pixels (and previous Nexus) devices get the latest android releases before other manufacturers?


We don’t believe we will have an issue with internal competition. It’s been our experience, working with large corporate clients, that Professional Services is a value-added service that we can offer them, especially the big enterprises that are struggling with mobile development, as many are. Our Professional Services are meant to alleviate what would otherwise be just more demand on their already taxed in-house developers, and helps them get innovative app projects off the ground, especially those which they might otherwise not have had the bandwidth for.

Thanks for the smart questions!


Sorry to come back to this topic but as someone who is genuinely interested in Dropsource i want to understand your vision.
Firstly, what is the target audience of dropsource? Conventional app-developers, no-coder developers or both?
I’m asking this question because from my perspective, Dropsource is in a position to cater for both.
And the enabling factor was the plugin development that will allow programmers to augment dropsource with functionalities currently not supported.
No-coders can also rely on the third-party plugins to get their job done.

But this your latest release has kept me wondering what the vision really is.
As we all know there are several fundamental day-one features that are currently still missing in Dropsource (helloo do/undo, helloo copy/paste actions, helloo calculations, hellooo debugging, hellooo etc).
This actually defeats one of the main purpose of dropsource, the ability to develop fast. I sometimes look at some application i’ve developed in say a week and i think to myself, if this and that feature were available this should have been a one-days job.
Then there is the all important plugin development. This to me is one of the most crucial features that will take Dropsource to the next level.
One thing that developers cherish most is control. The ability to be able to create whatever they can. You take control from a developer, you say goodbye to him.
This to me has been one of the main issues that has previously prevented no-code/ visual programming from going mainstream.
This year it was reported that wordpress powers about 30% of all websites. Wordpress has been well received because they make it so easy to create websites without sacrificing control, there is a plugin for almost anything you need and if what you need is not avaiable you can build it yourself or get some third-party to do it for you.

These days i talk to a lot of my developer friends about Dropsource+Bubble and the moment i say these are visual programming frameworks, their reaction is, oh we’ve heard and seen these before, they promise you so much but once you get in, you’re limited to what is provided you.
But when I tell them bubble allow you to build your own plugins with javascript thereby giving you control it piques their interest.

This is why i find it a bit confusing that, the plugin development is currently a professional service. I hope this is temporary and it’s to enable you fine-tune it.

I was really hoping to see the resources of Dropsource focused on the fundamental missing features and plugin feature, than the enterprise and professional services.
But as someone from the outside trying to look inside i kind of understand you.
You’re a funded company so you need to make profit as soon as possible while trying to build a solid product.
You don’t have the luxury of not thinking about profit now as bootstrapped companies like Bubble can do.

In summary as one of your biggest fans and advocate i just want to understand what the target and goal is to better position myself.


@seanhoots - Thanks you for the very thorough message! I will do my best to clear up some things for you, specifically about what our vision is and where we see the platform going.

To start, our current target audience for Dropsource is the professional developer. What I mean by that is, anyone who is building software as their profession, whether they are a developer at an enterprise, a freelance developer, or a developer in an agency or startup. Dropsource is building for the developer. Looking ahead, we hope to empower technical people who are non coders to be able to build apps as the platform matures and grows; but we can’t start there if we want developers to truly adopt our tool.

To your next point about missing features in Dropsource - I totally get it! Our team understands the importance of things like undo / redo, debugging, and copy / paste actions. We build apps internally very often so we feel the same pains that you do. We are actively building our roadmap and prioritizing these types of product features. This in evident in our last release where we built some debugging features using the chrome console which we are really excited about (https://help.dropsource.com/docs/documentation/using-dropsource/connecting-to-an-api#logs).

Keep in mind that we are still a small team and we are working hard to build an amazing product alongside a sustainable business. The release of our Enterprise Tier is a result of just that. We have a tremendous opportunity to deliver exceptional value to customers in the Enterprise and so we expanded our offering to do so. To clarify though, the decision to open up professional services is NOT to keep control of the plugins internally. We have big plans to open up our plugin architecture to our community over time, but we need time to refine and convert what was originally a plugin architecture to fit the internal needs of our team, to be customer facing and developer friendly. This will take time, but we will get there.

I hope this clears things up for you. And as always, we appreciate how active and engaged you are in the community and we value all of your work in Dropsource as well as your detailed feedback!