We Need A Tooltip For These


I can’t locate what these mean or do in the documentation, and It would be very helpful to understand what these mean:



Yes i agree especially for new users who are not familiar with the android acitivity lifecyle.

In the meantime take a look at this post that explains the different events.


Hello @justincrabbe,

Good point made. Here’s a guide from the Android Developer documentation that helps put this all into context a while…


Hey guys, just a note that we typically try to avoid duplicating information from existing platform documentation (in this case the official Android resources), in the case of elements we’re able to link to the class documentation from the editor but the current ui obviously doesn’t have provision for this in events (or e.g. properties which is another pain point, although in most cases you can at least use the links to element class definitions in the element drawer for both events and properties, just not in this case because we’re dealing with Activities) this is something I’ll make sure I look for opportunities to advocate we include in future versions of the platform.