We just launched our new pricing, what does this mean for support?


Hello Dropsource Community,

No doubt you’ve read the recent stream of emails about our pricing adjustments and wondering “What does this mean for support?”. Since this change involves a growing emphasis on our forum and commitment to our community, we thought a forum post was a good place to answer this question.

Over the last year of supporting the Dropsource community, we’ve realized the immense value our advice and guidance provides users while they are building apps on our platform. However, we’ve also grown to understand the downsides, specifically scalability and information lock-in, of providing this level of support to all of our users on a one-on-one basis. Even though we will offer Developer Assistance (previously called live chat) support as an add-on subscription available to all users, we see the forum as the future of how we interact with our community, providing the same quality of support in a new medium that fosters a more open, collaborative, and shared environment for exchanging knowledge. One that will live on long after a conversation has ended.

Our promise to you… the value you receive from Support will remain. Sue, myself, and many other Dropsource team members will continue to support you in the forum and we welcome you all to join in the conversations.

We’re very thankful for those who have joined our community and look forward to working together to make your ideas a reality and realize your mobile app ambitions!

Wade and The Dropsource Team

P.S. Here’s a link to the release notes for the current deployment.

Pricing Changes

Hi @wade thanks for the post.
I’m still not sure I understand the current support system.
What will be the value in an Individual Developer paying for a Developer Assistance service if they can ask for support from the forum?

Your SLA (Service Level Agreement) for the Developer Assistance service states:

General development guidance – within 1 business day
API guidance – within 1 business day
Build fails – within 1 business day
App crash troubleshooting – within 2-3 business days

Are these not what we are already getting on this forum from you, @sue and some of your guys?
Or are things are going to change now onwards?
Is the main difference having a one-on-one chat vs a one-to-many communication?

For Enterprise Developers I can clearly see why you may want to get the Developer Assistance but for Individual developers I’m not sure what the difference is if the level of support we’ve experienced is not going to change giving that one has to pay 1000/month.

Can you be very explicit about the difference in level of service, and what is going to change aside the medium of communication.


@seanhoots Great questions. I’m happy to help clear it up.

When it comes to the forum… we can’t commit to an SLA in the forum. We are going to be active contributors, and we hope many of our users will too, but there is no official SLA for the forum. You’re going to see us all over forum though, adding valuable tips/tutorials, answering community member questions, and welcoming in new Dropsource developers moving forward. If you are building an app and needed a guaranteed response time and dedicated support on critical issues developer assistance makes the most sense.

We see forum as the way to go for most support needs from our user base.