View, Activity Indicator


Hello, I created a view to show when a user clicks forgot password for example.

Question: How do I create an event for this to actually happen? I dont really see a good way get this to happen from user interaction. Currently, when I build a new app it shows on the page. I want it to remain hidden unless the user selects forgot password

The same with the activity indicator. When a user selects the logs in button, I would like for the activity indicator to then show up then, any good way to actually get this to happen?

The latest build I am on is 1149466396881077240


Hi @stephen1, elements have a “hidden” property. You can do a Set Value action on an element in any event on a page and set the “hidden” property to true, and then change it to false when you would like it to become visible.


I will try this out. Thank you wade


After trying to do so here is what I get

I dont cant create an event on the view element or the activity indicator

I am going to try to set it on the page itself rather than the view and activity indicator elements


If it’s a forgot password page, couldn’t that be it’s own page anyway? If the user taps on “forgot password”, take them over to this new page so they can enter the email and hit send.

I don’t think this needs a hide/show view structure really. Forgot Password UX generally take the user to a separate page/workflow for these often times.


Yes i orignally created its own page but wanted to try something different. Going back to the original design. Thank you @wade