[Video Tutorial] Accept Credit card payments in your app with Stripe (No backend required)


Hello guys here is a video tutorial that walks you through how you can implement credit card processing in your dropsource app with Stripe.

This integration is purely client-side and doesn’t involve any backend (so its more secure).

Here is the Stripe API specification (Swagger) file used in the tutorial.
Feel free to use it or modify it for your own app. You can simply copy the link and import it into your dropsource project.
Link: Stripe Charge Card API Spec (Swagger)

See the below post for a tutorial on setting up a Stripe Webhooks using a Bubble backend.

[Video Tutorial] How to configure Stripe payment webhooks for bubble backend
Does it make sense to use both Bubble and Backendless together?

What a fantastic breakdown @seanhoots! Thank you very much for taking the time to share your expertise here!