Using Logic to workaround Keychain


Hi there! Been using the product to build a web application and I’ve run into a problem.
Evidently the keychain function is specific to the IOS side of this development site and of course when building a universal product the keychain will not work on computers, tablets, or android devices. Using this video as reference I came to a roadblock regarding keychain: simply checking the existence of a variable.
With keychain there is a “retrieve” function to merely check the existence of a variable on the keychain.
What kind of logic would I have to use to check that the usertoken in device variables exists or is a valid user token?
Right now im using 2 if/elses with a boolean “tokenexists” and making pseudo-logic.
if (usertoken.length > 0) //the usertoken has value if its length isn’t zero right? So if its value is greater than 0 it has been created?
{tokenexists == true}
if (tokenexists==true)
{go to main page}
//do nothing
Is there a better workaround for this? Thank you all in advance


Good Question and a unique use case. I think your logic for validation is sound in this context.