Using Bitrise with Dropsource



I enquired about using bitrise with drop source and received the following reply and would like to know if this is possible:

"If Dropsource provides a webhook (webhooks are required to start builds on code push/pull requests/etc), supports SSH (makes it possible to clone the repository using an SSH key) - if you can clone the repository there are steps in Bitrise that would run the needed gradle tasks to generate the apk from the code - or an API or any other solution that would expose the generated apk it should be possible to integrate :slightly_smiling_face:

If you could send me a bit more details about the available tools, integrations of Dropsource maybe I could better draft a solution that could help you get the most out of Bitrise "


@justincrabbe I’m not positive on where they want to go with this BUT couldn’t you pull down your source and share it and let them find a manual solution to follow your needs here? Or could they create a api Swagger file that allows you to pull the data/ push the date you want moving here with them?


Let me ask and see, my first rodeo with this and them.