Update from Nate (Founder of Dropsource)


Hi @matt… We aren’t quite ready to drop our big update, but it’s coming. I’ve also pinged Nate here too. As soon as we can share more, we absolutely will. We realize there’s a gap in info as our engineers are heads down building this out and making sure it’s ready for you on release.

Matt, If you have more to develop to keep your app growing, I wouldn’t pause to wait for an update.


It is March 2020 and I too am waiting for the new update. It has been a long time. If this update is going to be in 2021 can you just let us know this way we can at least be aware. it has been about 7 months since the announcement. We love you guys. We obviously think Dropsource is great but a little forth coming would be nice too… Take care guys…


Understood @marcel… We probably blew the horn a little early but we wanted to forewarn everyone that we’re going into deep dev mode on the new project. It’s on the way and we’re going to share more as soon as we can. I’m stoked everyone is itching to get into this with us. We’re stoked for it as well!

Details to come as soon as I can deliver them… promise!


@wade @Nate Any updates?


@mackenly.j, I’ve got no updates to pass yet but I will pass them as soon as I do.