Unknown Build Error


Hi @wade!
I can’t test my app because of a new build error, after I’ve set a value triggered by button event. The action should load a string from a device variable.

Build ID: 1147138969985369061
Can you please give me more informations about the error? Thanks.


@m.canevarollo… I commented similarily on another thread you’re on. We’re tacking an internal issue with our compilers that I believe is effecting our iOS projects currently. I was able to pull down that Build ID’s source code and run in Xcode just fine. These are the same symptoms of others having this issue. We’re working through this and recently deployed an adjustment that seems to have solved the issue for some but not others.

If you’d rebuild please and let me know if it succeeds and share a Build ID if it still fails, this will be helpful while we fully solve this compiling issue internally.