UNDO feature suggestion


Hi Dropsource,

I’d like to suggest the ‘undo’ feature which would be highly useful.



Hi @ERKEB, this is definitely planned for development and you will hopefully see it in the platform soon, I think we’ll all be pretty pleased when that arrives…! :wink: :tada:


Thanks for working on this. It’ll be very helpful in debugging. Sometimes I try to delete functions just to see if it will fix an error but then if it doesn’t it can be very time consuming re-configuring those things. Awesome news to hear its in the working!


100% agree! Undo would make the process so much easier.


Hi Dropsource,

Congratulations on your amazing product with huge potential. But… (perhaps I am wrong)

UNDO can’t be a suggestion. It’s a necessity. One wrong keystroke and your work is gone.

It’s like building a Tesla and not putting seat belts in it. I hope I am wrong and this capability is there in one way or another. Perhaps a recovery from backup or something…

Best wishes for your product…


Just to follow up here and confirm undo/redo is definitely in the works and is being planned for development right now so you will hopefully see it in the platform soon. :sweat_smile:


Looking forward to the feature release!


Today the undo feature is still not here.
This is a show-stopper for me.


Hello @michael.ionita, you’re correct that it is not available. We’re actively building the next version of Dropsource and have been taking all the suggestions that have built up into consideration for the next version and it’s design as well as it’s engineering timelines of features to come after its launch.

We’ll be letting everyone know here as soon as it’s live so that everyone can test it out for themselves to see if it fits their needs and wants. I hope the next version of Dropsource will more closely offer the solution you are seeking.