UI/UX Pre-Design


Hi, I wanted to know the best way to implement pre-designed UI/UX in dropsource. I have tried using a launch page but when I build the app, it receives an error on the image. Any ideas on how to fix this or the best way to build the app with predesigned UI/UX?


hi @stephen1,

So you have an image of how you want the screen to look and you want to add functionality in different places based on that image? I don’t have a best practice for you on this since this isn’t a best starting practice to begin with. We’re not really setup for this. We are setup to use and show native elements but you can probably find a decent solution getting creative with this and using buttons and setting up images in them with areas of your presetup plan.

The best answer I have is, tinker and see what you come up with and realistically you may have to sacrifice some of the presetup things for better functionality in app with out native components.


Yes I have also thought of this solution and can certainly do this. I guess my question is why am I receiving the error when building with these images. Should I save or create the images differently?


Is this giving you an error message? What does it say? Also can you share a build id number with me for the breaking build?


Sorry for the delayed response, but the numbers for Builds 10-17 are as follows
10- 1141803368984860942

As of today, i no longer received that error which is weird on builds 18-20



@stephen1 Did you recently upload an image? It looks like an image uploaded that was too large.

If so, I think we need to manually remove that image and you’ll need to upload a smaller version of it.

@nate_frechette is this enough info here to find the image in question and remove it so that the error is solved for Stephen?


Well that was the original error, but now my app is building with the image


I think we are ok for now


Strange for that to work itself out but awesome too! Thanks for the update!