UI screen sizes for various phones


Do we have to create different screens for different screen sizes ? Is there a setting that dropsource offers that adjusts the screens dynamically based on the screen size of a phone or tablet . We designed the screens for the layout given but in most of the phones, we are having to scroll. Is there a way to avoid this.


Hi @ssksubash, if you use relative (percentage) values for your element constraints your page layouts should scale to different screen sizes. More on constraints in our docs:


Thank you for this information. Can you also direct me how to ensure that screen rotation works.


We don’t currently support the rotation of screens. Some community members have created landscape designed apps in dropsource by using image elements created in something like Sketch for example that are built out with the rotation adjustment in the images themselves. They essentially build a landscape app in portrait mode in Dropsource. Not an ideal solution but it’s what is possible at the moment.


thank you @wade for the suggestion