Trigger Custom Events in Backendless


So I finally decided to try building a simple application in backendless. I have to say the initial setup was pretty effortless. I’m quickly running into limitations though, although I hope I’m just missing something perhaps.

I basically have a simple dropsource iphone app that allows a user to login, and submit a ticket for help. I set variables like NAME, NUMBER, EMAIL, & DESCRIPTION OF PROBLEM in Dropsource and I was able to successfully get that data to transfer into Backendless’s data table. Awesome!

Now, everytime a request comes in, I’d like to send an email to a specific address that simply says:

At the moment I’m not really seeing what my next steps should be. I saw the Business Logic Event Handlers but that didn’t really lead to anything for me.

I added a Custom Event Handler called “Send Email” and I see where it will let me edit the JavaScript. Is coding in JavaScript the only way I can accomplish my goal?

The Email Templates under Users is close to the functionality I’m looking for but not quite.

Any suggestions? @markpiller ?

Thanks guys.


Here’s how you can send emails with Backendless:

  1. Provide your SMTP server configuration in Backendless Console:
  2. Generate Swagger doc for a messaging channel as shown in the screenshot below:
  3. Use the sendEmail API endpoint from the imported API doc.

For more information about the API endpoint, see the documentation:

Hope this helps.