Transition input field missing?


hi @sue @wade

I am not able to see the section to enter the value which needs to be passed to the next page.
is there something wrong?

I tried to open other applications and projects in dropsource for different projects in bubble, but i see the same thing.
Please advise.


You have to specify that those variables are required during page transition.


@seanhoots I have done that. and I had a working application and now somehow i just dont see the box to input the required field. it just shows the page variable (like in pic) uniqueid, but i cannot input anything.


feels like some kind of glitch or something. the input field is missing.


Hmm… @scheatham, perhaps something strange occurring from the 2.16 update? Seems like the field is missing here.


Hi @wade ,
is it just me or is everyone facing the same issue? Are you having the same problems too?


Yes I see the issue as well. I will pass guidance from engineering as we solve this.

#8 The issue has been found and Engineering is preparing a hotfix. As soon as it passed testing and is deployed live, I will update here. Thanks for catching this is bringing it up. We will have this squared away very soon.

#9 Our engineers have deployed a hotfix to solve the issue. I tested it successfully too. You should be able to assign your inbound variables again.

Thanks again for bringing this up to us. This was a regression related to the most recent update and because of your help, we were able to take care of it promptly.