Title In App Bar Still Showing In Previewer and App


I’m trying to figure out why the app title is showing in the previewer and the app when downloaded to a device when the settings don’t allow for it to show and it looks like the below snapshot in the editor:


To the RIGHT of the phone icon, the title of the app is displayed for some reason, both in the previewer and the app on a device.


Hi @justincrabbe I’m confused here. You’re image doesn’t show the title and you’re saying it should? Or the other way around?


Yes that’s correct - this is what shows in the previewer or on the downloaded mobile app on-device:



Any assistance on this one?


Has anyone reviewed this and able to provide a resolution??


I have discovered that an empty title will default to the name of the app in Android. That’s how the OS works.

Add a space in the title box setting and the name disappears.


@wade this worked at eliminating the title from showing, but it doesn’t allow all 4 items on the app title bar to be shown still:


It only shows two plus 3 ‘dots’ to extend the menu even though visible limit is set to 4.



Ah I see. Hmm, this might be a limitation in what were able to do from a customization aspect then.


Hmmmm. Okay so the icon limit of 4 isnt working? Is it something that can be fixed?


Yea let’s take a closer look.

Can you share a Build ID showing the issue and describe with some detail what you’re attempting and seeing? I can definitely take a look and see if we’ve got something internal happening here


Yes please see Build ID: 1136005139402961776

View the home screen after auto-login and observe the bar at the top.

All you see is two icons with 2 more being hidden from view with the 3 ‘dot’ menu in the upper right.


I see what you’re seeing. That’s an interesting development. I am wondering if this is a Android OS decision it makes as we wouldn’t do that on purpose. I’m looking for confirmation in the Android documentation to validate this design paradigm.


@nate_frechette… I’m looking in the source code for Build ID 1136005139402961776. I see where the optionsMenu is being created. My question is do we have this hard set somewhere that there’s an icon limit before a Burger Menu is generated for the overflow?

I see @justincrabbe has set the maximum limit for items to 4 so I would think we’re good here to display all the icons and not shift 2 to the burger menu but that’s what’s occurring in here.

Any thoughts? I don’t see a Android OS default for this so I think we might have a checkpoint in here somewhere.

@justincrabbe for peace of mind, there’s technically 5 icons in the menu… just to calm my curiosity, would you test setting that Visible Menu Item Limit to 5 and rebuild and test. I don’t think it will change anything but I want to make sure it’s not that.


@wade this is confirmed that even with a limit of 5 it still shows the hamburger menu:



Thanks for confirming a test @justincrabbe. Would you do me a favor and provide me a build Id where the title is showing and all 4 icons are showing up correct as well?

Engineering has handful of items before we get their attention here. In the meantime I want to compare the 2 projects to see what’s different under the hood to provide more research for the engineers for when I have their attention on this item.


Thanks for looking into this.

I haven’t been able to get a Build working yet with 4 icons showing.

The editor works fine but previewer and device test doesn’t unfortunately.


I see. So the only time this displays 4 icons is within our editor and no matter how it’s built (simulator or device), it always drops anything more than 2 into that burger menu. @nate_frechette This is interesting. I wonder if Android is making the adjustment itself based on some defaulting rule here?


@justincrabbe It is appearing that Android’s OS on a per device and per OS version is going to manipulate this in the app. Our editor is going to look different than some versions of the app on devices and OS versions as we use a single source of truth but this design capability is variable and Android’s OS takes over in some situations, this being 1 of them. Sometimes you’ll have all the icons up top and sometimes Android is going to overflow some into a tab like it’s showing here.