Timers and the documentation



I am having some trouble following this guide because it appears to be outdated somewhat. At least for Android, it appears that several fields that are now deprecated in the Dropsource editor and I have identified the timer as a component that can cause crashes on Android Oreo (but not previous versions).

I have been searching the forum, but am having trouble conceptualizing how the timer is supposed to work exactly.



Hi Asger,

I can see about helping you here. I haven’t worked with this yet but I bet we can figure it out together. Couple things…

Do you want to explain the use case you’re attempting and perhaps share some screenshots for clarity?

Is there any specific steps in the guide that seem off or outdated or downright incorrect when attempting to perform this on the Android side?

Have you gotten it to work at all? I see you said there’s a crash with OREO attempting this? Do you want to share a build id and I can test it on my side of things to attempt to see what’s happening with that part of this?