Timer "FireDate" timestamp format


Hi there,

I am working with a timer and am using the “FireDate - timestamp” property. The value I get comes out in the following format, which looks rather odd:


Could you please let me know if this is expected and how that value should be interpreted. My expectation was that I’d be getting a unix style timestamp.



For the illustration purposes, I am referring to this:


I suspected it was the milliseconds since epoch timestamp. I tested it and it came up correct.

You can use it just like the seconds since epoch timestamp but adjust the internal to milliseconds when you use it for things like create date object from timestamp action, etc.


The decimal point threw me off. I tried the value here and it doesn’t come out correctly:Current%20Millis%20%E2%80%90%20Milliseconds%20since%20Unix%20Epoch%202018-12-03%2015-16-40

It is not parseable here either:


Hmm. Epoch starts at 1970… something is wonky there. Mine came out too perfect for it to be a coincidence I would think. I think that resource you’re using has an issue with their own math I think.

I used… https://www.freeformatter.com/epoch-timestamp-to-date-converter.html

I wonder if my resource dropped the rest of the decimals after a couple? Not sure. Test it out by taking the whole double there and setting up a date object, then grab it’s timestamp and set it to a new variable and print it out and test it. I think you’ll be ok with the format in Dropsource but that’s a great way to test.


I figured that if the returned value is converted to an integer (to remove the decimal point) and then multiplied by 1000, then I get a classic unix timestamp. It seems a bit odd that the returned value has a decimal point. Perhaps this is how it is done in iOS.


I’m not exactly sure to tell you the truth. If it doesn’t test well when using a date object in Dropsource though, we can get engineering involved and see if we need to step in here on the code side and perform some custom regex or something.


No biggie, I can format the value on the server side before it is sent into the actual API call.