The web doesn't load anymore


I created one project a few months ago, everything was fine. Then this week I tried to use this project, but one section of web view (was about a test of EX.CO web) didn’t appear, I tried to solve it but I couldn’t. I have only seen that when I deactivated the “Javascript Enabled”, it appears the test but without loading. All the others webs views are working without any problem. Why does this problem appear now, everything was fine in January 2020.

Thank you, Carla


Hi Carla,

Thanks for reaching out.

I’m unsure why it isn’t working without receiving a Build ID for your project so I can look deeper.

What I may suggest trying just to make sure it’s not some anomaly, would be to delete that particular webview and reset it up fresh. If you don’t want to do that though, you can surely share the above Build ID and guide me to the screen with the error so I can take a look deeper.


I tried to delete one of the webviews without any success.
My Build ID: 1249965152181024383
1.- You have to click the first page (anywhere),
2.- Then up that page you have to click the red button.
3.- After that you will be with 5 sections, you have to choose the upper one (test),
4.- Following that you can click any zone (all the options have the problem), the one that I have been testing it’s the Seoul&Gyeonggi (you click there),
5.- Next Seül, 6.- and finally in the left there is the Oest option, you have to click there. There is one of the webviews that I have been having issues.

Thanks, Carla


Couldn’t ask for better instructions. Thank you for being so detailed.

Ok I took a look and I see what’s going on but it’s going to be a trick to solve. It’s not in Bublup but in the destination taking a very long time to load. I googled the error it shows in Android Studio when I hit that page and the responses all resort to the page load time for the particular endpoint coming back with a large delay. Definitely want to sort that out with the host if you have access to that or at the very least the author of the information.

I wish I had some Bublup workthrough to share on this 1 but it’s unfortunately not in the Bublup system this one.

The error I find is:

2020-04-15 22:14:10.791 7368-7406/ E/cr_VariationsUtils: Failed reading seed file “/data/user/0/”: /data/user/0/ (No such file or directory)

and the image showing the page loading (took 2 minutes to complete) is here.