Text Field Not Centering The Text For Some Reason


When I have limited text that doesn’t take up the entire line, it works fine and is center-justified.

When I add additional text that causes it to go to the 2nd line, it left-justifies for some reason:



What am I missing?


This could be a bug potentially. I’ll research. Would you share a build id and tell me the page this is on?


Looks like this works on the live version but in the editor it doesn’t center justify.


So the editor doesn’t show it but when the app is ran, it correctly displays it?


That’s correct.

1 line of text in the editor center justifies itself fine.

As soon as you go to 2 lines of text with with 2 lines of text set in the editor and center justification it revers to left justified.


Thank you for explaining that so well. I see what you mean now. I will pass this up the chain. I’m happy that at least the finished product is working fine. It’s how our editor interprets it that is messed up.