Testing App with User/Pass, How To?


I have taken over this project to complete it for someone and the prior “builder” has the app almost complete it seems, however, when I test the app and in the app it asks for a user and pass I do not know what to put. If I just click on submit it won’t go anywhere either, where do I find where the user and pass info is stored?

Also, I had come to find out the website side of things where an admin would input addresses that would be assigned to a user from the app, that the API does not seem configured AT ALL however it seems I am finding some API call requests in the DropSource build of the app. I am very new here with DropSource so forgive my substandard questions if they seem antiquated. I did try to find this answer first on my own before heading here to the forum.

Thank you in advance for you patience and understanding.



Hi @clay… No problem and all questions are welcomed! Let’s see if I can help guide you forward…

To trace the genesis of the user/pass… use the login button as the first breadcrumb, see where the API call is pointed to for credentials verification. That will help you to know where they are stored. Dropsource doesn’t include any cloud storage so users rely on 3rd party backend provider which means, it’s most likely pointed out to an external point and the login call should give you clues as to where the prior builder kept this data.

On the “Website” side of things… I’m not quite sure what you’re asking about. Can you be a little more detailed in the context here. Feel free to share some screenshots as well to paint the picture and I’ll try to help further on this issue.


Since I had taken over this account to help this client, I had assumed the API was completed on the other end where the website resides and pulls information from but with further investigation is has NOT been completed. I have rebuild the site anyway on WordPress and need to put the API back into the back end of this new site. Since I have not worked with DropSource before I do need help working with the API calls and integrating with Wordpress if you can help with that or direct me to videos (I had another post I commented on where I cannot access any of the videos in the video training library) so I can complete this app and get it off to testing and submitting to Apple for approval please.

Thank you for all of your help Wade,



Thanks for the breakdown! Ok so here’s the help resources. You’re going to find articles about connecting API’s, creating the required Swagger 2.0 file which will give Dropsource all the info it needs to make the API calls happen. The videos are still creating a permissions issue and we’re working through solving that now but there’s text and image documentation to work through this as well in the meantime. The videos are just another medium to gain the info on top of the text.

If you need a cloud backend API provider, 2 options work well with us. Bubble and Backendless. Both have good docs and through their forums as well, you’ll find Dropsource specific resources as well since many of our customers use their services to support their Dropsource app.


Most excellent. Thank you, yes I am unfamiliar with DropSources ways of integrating so these will be fantastic.


Great to hear, @BluClay

Welcome to Dropsource. We’re stoked you’re taking this project forward with us.