Taking to the back page


if suppose i want to go to page3. I have buttons on page1 and page2 to go to page3. Now if I want that when back button on page3 is pressed I will go to the last page from which I have came and by maintaining the same page transition. If I choose to use Go back to a page option the transition is different. Please help me because I am a very new to app building.
Thanks in advance.


Happy to help. What do you mean “the transition is different”?


Different transition means it is neither pushup nor push.


I’m not sure I understand the question still. Moving back a page is the action you’ll use to create this functionality.


Sir can you please help me how to make signup and login page in dropsource. I really felt that the ui of dropsource is extremely awesome and easy. what I did was I was creating the api requests with Backendless and when I took the userToken then the keychain was missing to save the response of login and so signup cannot be processed.Sir will you please let me build my small project. Apart from this I was also unable to connect to firebase as when I was in firebase the google json file was not connected.


I can try and help you @hostclap. Have you followed the guides we have in help.dropsource.com. We have specific projects that walk through setting up screens like this as well as integrating with any API backend through the use of a Swagger File, which we also have a guide on as well.


Sir can I connect you at some other messenger via fb messenger or anything else?


Sir, let’s use the forum here. Would you like to ask a specific question? Our developer community is a valuable asset for you so let me help you here as well as give others the chance to help you too.


Help me with each step to build my login and signin page.


@hostclap I’m sorry but I cannot do that. You will need to utilize help.dropsource.com. We have a lot of documentation to help you out here as well as app walkthroughs that will help you learn the skills necessary to complete your needs here. When you hit a hurdle you cannot get over, please ask a specific question here and the community and myself will try to assist.