Stripe Integration


Is Stripe integration something that is planned as a feature? It would awesome to be able to do one time charges and subscriptions in app.


Hi Mackenly, I know we looked into Stripe integration at one point, but although I don’t believe it is currently planned for development I do agree this would be a useful one for lots of users. It might be a good candidate for our plugin system when that opens up, hopefully in the not to distant future… Anyway your feature request is noted for now, cheers. :grimacing: :+1:


Preach! It would be excellent. Stripe has lower comissions as well and can be used in many other countries (unlike PayPal, where in many cases it only works if the user already has a paypal account, and not with credit card transactions. Being able to offer a more economic, diverse payment provider further justifies using Dropsource, i’d say.


Bump on this one, for sure…


Justin, this can be done through a webview and the stripe integration with bubble. It looks pretty good. Sean hoots has done it too with a plugin he developed for bubble: