Strange behavior input and selector


Hi everyone

@wade i have two weird problem with my app

  1. page with dropdown and form select combination get white page like this

  2. back on 3 level, crash app

please helpme,



@gpremper, When you input the info and you hit the “siguiente” button, Is there an API request being sent? Is the next page dependent on showing properly based on that requests’ response? If so, perhaps you need to make the request and set up a Progress Activity Indicator spinner until the response is received before moving to the next page?


Hi @wade thanks
When you input the info and you hit the “siguiente” button, Is there an API request being sent

  • no, i was create 3 views hidden, the last one send all information

  • the bug happen in the same view, when i jump between input to dropdown and viceversa, its like keyboard crash with modal and kill all the ui

My build si 1194127673084395583
If u want to check it out

Thks again



I’m not seeing the same error. Can you please explain in detail from App Launch, how I can recreate what you’re experiencing. I followed the video example I thought but it’s not showing the lag. Please explain how I can recreate the error please.


thks @wade from yesterday i have a Critical Error Save and cant do anything.
i replay another post whit this issue, please im trying to finish this app, check asap



Hi @wade and dropsource team do you have any news about critival seva error bug?
Please help me, I can’t continue and my deadline is expired.


@gpremper I really like the look of your UI :grinning:


Hi @gpremper I’m looking into it. I’ve reached out to engineering to see what they can turn up as well. I will report back info as I receive it.