Store images from Dropsource to bubble



I have a datatype called image for storing images in bubble. I am also using the image view element in dropsource. I converted the image into a base64 string as per the examples and when I try to post this string to bubble , I get - not a valid url or object error. I also added Https: infront of the encoded string in bubble as per the drospurce example.

Should I not use image type in bubble and store these as strings ?



@ssksubash I found this post dated in April that has a nice breakdown of the workflow for accomplishing the upload and storing of images in Bubble from Dropsource. Perhaps this will help understand where the issue is and why Bubble is delivering their error message.


Thank you. I followed these and I am able to store the images now. However, looks like we have to modify the json file every time as the default generated file does not work.