Steps To Send A Date + Time To Bubble To Preserve Date As Inputted By User?


When I sent a date from Dropsource to Bubble I assume it is sent in UTC.

When it’s received in Bubble the date is displayed wrong as to my understanding bubble computes dates based on the users current timezone according to the browser.

How do I pass a date and time from Dropsource based on the time zone of the location?

Think of booking a flight ticket form one time zone on the application, for a departure location in another time zone, flying to a destination in a 3rd time zone.


This is a good topic. The best practice here is to always transmit date information in UTC form. You store it in UTC form and you receive it in UTC form. This way timezones are irrelevant as the source of truth is always in UTC. It’s only when requiring display of date information to the end user that you must apply empathy in design and show them the information in the context that makes sense to them more aka their current timezone usually.


OK and Dropsource always sends times and dates as UTC?

Do we know if Bubble receives it as UTC when it’s processed on that end?


You can use the Network Activity Log to verify the information in the request on our side when running in the simulator and switching the Network Activity Log on and digging into the request information.

On Bubble’s side, you should be able to dig into the call received on their end and see what’s being done with it from there. Might want to consult their forum for more info on Bubble’s end for exactly how to research this.