Square Up API Spec Errors


Trying to connect the Squareup API spec file and getting the following errors
(Spec File)

Your API specification contains an unsupported flow value of accessCode for the OAuth2 Security Definition oauth2. Please amend the flow value for oauth2 in your file to one of the following:

* implicit
* password
* application
* accessCode

This doesn’t make much sense because it says “accessCode” is an unsupported value, but then lists accessCode as one of the 4 supported values below.

* Your API specification contains paths with duplicate Operation IDs:
  * ListEmployees
  * ListRefunds
  * ListLocations
  * CreateRefund
  * RetrieveEmployee
Please ensure that each operationId value occurs only once in your file.

There are two versions of the API in this spec. These operations are available in both v1 and v2


Hi @brian, Thanks for reaching out.

real quick, You’re all good using Swagger V2 with Dropsource, just not V3. So no need for any Swagger V1.

On the OAuth issue, I have a resource discussing its use here…

I see a confusion point here as well if the error is making this suggestion. I see in my doc that it recommends using the string “password” instead of accessCode. I wonder if going that direction is going to give a different result here?