Source code download - PIcture will transfer via wifi but not over cellular networ


Have downloaded our source code from dropsouce. We are utilizing a picture capture that sends to backendless via API. We have noticed that we can upload a picture while on wifi and even when we significantly reduce browser speed 2G image still transfers. Once off of wifi and on cellular 4LTE speeds we can not get image to transfer. Average size of image is 800KB.

Is there a setting that we need to adjust within Xcode that Dropsource is not accounting for?

Any guidance is appreciated.



Hmm… That’s a new one there. I don’t know of any reason why from the apps pov here. If it works in wifi, then it should work in cellular as this area of service is controlled by the phone’s OS.

@markpiller have you ever heard of something like this from the Backendless perspective by chance?


@david.brotton, does the upload operation complete in error? If so, what does the error say?

What you could try is running a sample app created by Backendless code generator in the same environment. The code generators are available in the “Code Generation” section of Backendless Console:

The generated app allows you to take a picture (I think the iOS version let’s you take a picture with the device’s camera) and uploads it to the Backendless file storage.



So I hard coded some pictures into the app and then are am testing to see what goes thru on wifi vs cellular.

wifi - 2.5M, 1M, .5M, 67KB, 4KB all successful
cellular 67KB and 4KB no luck with .5M

Somewhere between 500KB and 67KB i am losing the ability to send over cellular.


options - Does dropsource have a way to reduce original image from 2mb to 200kb? (if that size will work)


Another thought. I am triggering the API of the image and then sending the user over to a social site. So thatyare technically leaving the app. The app is still running in the background. Could switching over to that other app be cutting off that api send? Perhaps that is why wifi is making it thru and cellular is limited to such small image sizes? They are getting cut off once the phone switches over to the other app?


It’s possible that’s the culprit. You may want to hold off shipping the user until you receive the expected 200 Response callback.

In regard the to the earlier reply… We don’t have a means to adjust your media size within Dropsource.