Sortby in api request


hai @wade

Why i can’t bind sortby and props parameter. ?
I use backendless.



Hi @Mieyaa, what data type is your sortBy page variable setup as?


i am using java - string. it’s possible?
I want to use the sortBy parameter for filtering data from backendless


Just to confirm, this issue was attached to the other thread where Matt hit this issue head on right?


hai @wade

so I can’t use sort by? why I can’t use the page variable? or there are other ways?
so i don’t need to do business logic in backendles codeles.
and I have to use advice from @matt like this



Unfortunately you can’t use the sort by property in Dropsource with Backendless. Dropsource does not support array types in a payload. Codeless business Logic is your only way at this time. If you refer back to the screenshots of how Mark set this up then you shouldn’t have any issues. I can also share some screenshots with you on how my logic is set to return sorted results.

Honestly, the business logic is the better way to go. Yes it requires more work but you essentially design the api endpoints and their required parameters how you see fit.


Thanks @matt for your respone.

How to load object relations in codeless use “sort by”. I have asked in backendless support but the answer from them, not yet supported for codeless. My application requires that every time the object is updated it must be in first place. is there any other way @matt @wade @seanhoots @markpiller

Thanks for your respone


Hi @Mieyaa,

Someone responded to your Backendless forum post. I would follow their recommendation. I would try that recommendation first and then post back if you are still having issues.


Hai @matt

seems like it can’t be done, if it loads object relations. Whatever you update, the object will remain in the same position. Objects that are updated will not be at the top. I don’t have an idea to use another method yet.


So you are try to sort within your app or do you want the results sorted before the are loaded into the app?


I’d recommend sorting before it hits the device. Backend sorting is much more robust and you’re going to find much more desirable results in this regard.


solved @matt and @wade
backendless support team helped me.
this is business logic to solve my problem. Thanks @matt @wade @markpiller


That’s great news. Glad you were able to get this figured out!


Thanks so much for sharing the outcome! This is great to see. Backendless is a terrific platform and I love that we can all cross-communicate on a support front as well. Great work!