Sort data from table alphabetically in Backendless/Dropsource


Hi @matt… as of right now, we aren’t planning on supporting arrays in the API payload.


Hai @markpiller @matt
I found an obstacle to sort by update. and it looks like DropSource doesn’t support sortby parameters. So I tried this method.

How to bind from responses 200, I didn’t see anything to bind with the element

but for error 400 I get a response to bind on the element

can codeless be used on dropsource?


Hi @Mieyaa,

Dropsource doesn’t support array payloads to be sent for a sortBy request. What you can do is utilize the codeless business logic and build this out. For me, I only need to sort the data by a specific field and then in descending alphabetical order. That’s easy to do with codeless. What are you trying to achieve and I could possibly help you work through it?


@Mieyaa It actually looks like you are using the codeless business logic. However, it doesn’t look like you have selected to have your method return any type of data structure. That’s possibly why you aren’t getting any 200 response actions. Make sure it looks like the below. Or whatever returned type you would like. Just can’t be void.


oopss. I forget the return type. Thanks @matt now i can use sortby parameter


@matt that’s an awesome catch!