Something wrong with the image upload (with bubble backend)


@sue @seanhoots @wade

Recently all of my api workflows which uploads image to bubble doesn’t seem to be working at all. I tried to debug it but I cannot seem to find a way around it.
I use the activity indicator and the status is “PENDING” rather than a 200 event and it does not seem to resolve.

I didn’t change anything. Everything was working well until recently.

Just so you know, for the image upload, I always edit the json and put in the few lines of code to get the content and filename in Dropsource.
Was there any change or update made recently that its affecting the build?


Hi we haven’t made any changes on our side recently.

I would remove Dropsource from the equation though and test to ensure you’re receiving the values you expect to come back in the API Responses. Use something like POSTMAN to setup the requests as they are in Dropsource and analyze the responses coming back. A status of “PENDING” means nothing on our side so if you were once sending a different status from Bubble, then that sounds like it’s on the Bubble side.

Perhaps they’ve made some adjustments that would affect the API responses?