Snapchat / Video Capabilities?


Hi everyone,

I just came across Dropsource today and it looks very cool. I am wondering if I will be able to utilize it for my needs.

If I wanted to build skype-like video conferencing functionality, would I be able to do that using Dropsource?

I want to be able to share live video in the app, is that possible?


Hi there, we don’t currently support video capture in Dropsource and the platform isn’t optimized for realtime functionality right now, however we hope to provide some of those features in future.


Hello @fikerz - I’m wondering if you found a solution. I’m here with the exact same scenario - but there does not seem to be any video capture or streaming abilities. I thought about utilizing web content as an option - but that seems to defeat the purpose of developing an app if we have to send the user back to the web content. If you find a solution, please kindly drop me a note so I can follow your lead. I’ll do the same!