Size adjustment to different phone or tablet models


I am still very new to dropsource and I am in the middle of creating an iOS based app. However I noticed that when I test the app on different models, the position of my components is different since they were made for a smaller or bigger phone. Since I mainly want to deploy the app on iPads when I finish it and there are only different phone templates in the test area I was wondering how the position would be changed if I were to test it on an iPad.
Therefore I want to ask if there is a way to adjust the positioning depending on the device used.


Great Question @moutassem! I will say that Dropsource isn’t really setup to build for iPad so you’re going to continue to stumble on UI issues. You can tame it a bit by using the proportional constraints to set up elements with proportional sizing and locations but it will still not be totally perfect since phones are more rectangular by nature and we’re only setup in the editor to build on a rectangular template.

I hope you can find an acceptable middle ground for your UI construction with the use of proportional constraints.

Thanks for trying Dropsource and welcome! This is where you can always reach out with questions and the community and myself can help you out along the way.