Set value for Navigation bar title and navigation bar item does not work


Set value for Navigation bar title and navigation bar item does not work. Also, set value for button title does not change the title. (tried with string)


Could you share screenshots of what you’re trying to do so we can troubleshoot a bit more effectively?


the same problem here, just trying to change the text of a button when you press it, through set value, select the button, then label title and finally text, not working.


Hi guys, just checked into this, these are controls that have quite fixed behavior on the iOS operating system so setting their text is unfortunately not possible from the Set Value action.


Correction on my last post, you can actually set the nav item title in a Set Value action via the page element.


As for the Button title setting, yes like Sue states here, you can’t perform this outside of the styles section of the editor using the dropdown for the buttons different state. You can have a title that changes when it is selected this way however…

If you want to complete this programmatically, you can get creative however and use a label or perhaps an image view to “mimic” a button and setup it’s logic in the Tap Event provided for those elements too. With those elements you can do Set Value for the title text and obtain the functionality you want here.



:+1: If I was doing this I’d probably use a label or something instead of a button and just style it to look like one…