Select Video from Photos/Videos


When will developers be able to select and upload videos, the same as they can with photos? This is desperately needed! And Is their an ETA on shipping this feature?


Hi Chris. We agree video is something that needs better support and it’s on the docket for the future. We currently do not have an eta for this feature but it will certainly be shared loudly and proudly when we do.



Lack of video capture & playback is holding me back from going all in on DropSource.

I do hope video support comes out soon. :slight_smile:


@kellykampen I am wondering if you found a solution to app building with video capture. I’ve found solutions for website, and explored using web content within the app, but would love to find a platform that supports video capture, upload, and serving. It’s really a necessity. I’ll let you know if I find anything!


Still waiting for this myself. It’s 2019 and I have no idea how video is not at the top of their roadmap. Apps are all about multimedia now. What else would be people be making???


I see the update post here so I will update you as well. We have this in our feature requests list but we do not have an eta for these video feature integrations. There are other large elements being worked on and video hasn’t been prioritized as of yet. We’re a small team working diligently to fulfill everything that our users are asking for and things like math and string manipulation among other elements have been needed before this so far. We’ll update you all as more feature unlocks are implemented.