Search or filter in an array



I am totally new at this, and have no real programming experience at all. But I am trying to create a app for myself. I managed to show an array from my backendless api in a dynamic list. But what I wanted was to show only one value based on a value that is in a field. So to search or filter in the array.

I followed to try to accomplish this, but I got stuck, because it seems the topic following this ( Array Response Status Code Events) is about something different.

Can somebody advise me in the steps I should take, or where I can find more documentation about searching or filtering in my array?

If I need to give more information or examples, please let me know, but keep in mind I am absolutely new and unexperienced at this.


Hello @bvm,

Happy to help. Filtering will be done on the backend side. To do this, you can set up the request to Backendless to deliver the data already filtered by sending it the parameter that tells the backend what you want back. We have @markpiller in the forum and he’s with Backendless. He knows how to handle the Backendless side to create the request you’ll set up and from the Dropsource side, you’ll be able to set whatever parameter the request requires.


Hi @bvm,

Could you please elaborate on the following:

It would be great if you could put this into a perspective using your specific example, including the name of the table, name of the field, etc.