Scrollable Tab Bar


I am working on a page that will use View pager, the number of tabs are nine in number. having the nine tabs they appear to be very small. I would like to make the tab bar scrollable that when loading the page i can only view three tabs and i can view others by scrolling the tab bar.
How do I achieve this?


Hi @DenisMutegi, this is not currently supported but I’ll move this post to the feature requests category. You might be able to achieve something similar by creating your own custom views using horizontal scroll views.


Okay thank you, let me try that.


I guess some efforts were made towards this feature but its still not a WYSIWYG. I tested this with 7 pager views.

This is how it looks on builder: image

On a simulator it behaves fairly well though text size is reduced. This is how it looks on simulator:image

On a real device, he device still tries to squeeze everything on one screen width.


Any updates on this feature yet? @sue


With this being over a year ago, I’m not sure the end result but I tested it out on the web simulator and I’ve pulled the source down and ran a test in a simulator Pixel2 device from Android Studio. Both worked as planned. I haven’t had a chance to test on an actual device yet.

Do you want to run a test and see how it goes? Drop like 9 view pagers on a pager view and see if you can scroll through them.