[Resolved] Using Multiple Bubble Constraints



My constraints do not work at all. It just gives me a blank page

My dynamic data is in a page controller view.

I also tried in Key ( static input - day ) text contains… VALUE ( static - input - Monday )


I just get a blank white screen.
I don’t know what I am missing/


You’ll need to try using the network log to troubleshoot, making sure you understand what is being sent etc and checking it against what’s being received, as well as how the Bubble constraint functionality works (which we’re not able to advise on because we aren’t Bubble experts), I’d recommend our troubleshooting guide for the Dropsource part at least:


I see @sue Thank you


Hi @sue , is it possible to have more than one constrain for an Api Request?



That’s a good question. I haven’t tried that before but I believe you could include multiple before running the API Request.


Yes it is possible. You need to create as many page variable constraints and page variable bubble constrains as constrains for the bubble data you need. When using the constrains in the “page appeared” only use one initialized bubble api constrain, but for each of the constrain you would need to set the values and “add bubble api constrain” accordingly and then append the constrains with a comma “,” string between them and In the request Parameters , bind the Query constraints field to the latest string variable you append.
It is working for me with two constrains, but I don’t see any reason not to do it with more than that
And that works perfect!


I’m glad this worked out. Mind if I edit the title of this post? This is more like a tutorial now than a question. Thanks for taking the time to explain that out. Feel free to drop screenshots if you have them but either way… this is gold!

Thanks again!


yes its possible if you are using bubble.