[Resolved] Unfortunately we were unable to build your project


Hi guys,
since yesterday 11:53 pm I am getting the following notification when trying to test my app, using either web simulator or mobile device.


I am not able to do anything :frowning:


I have figured it out !


I just went some steps back and problem solved.
The strange part here is what was it and how the problem was showed: I got the problem when I had a table view hidden, and I was trying to unhide it when the page was loaded or the page was touched when certain device boolean variable was true, once I deleted the set value to this table view, I did not get the problem anymore.

And when I got the building error, I wasn’t getting any information of what the problem was, not even with the “click for details “ link. So I had no idea what was happening, so As I told, I had to go back step by step deleting what I was already created , building the test every time, until was properly built and that way figuring out what the problem was, but with already a lot if time wasted and with the necessity to build again what was good.


Thanks for breaking it down like that. There are situations where we aren’t giving enough information to properly debug. You can ask like you did if you can’t solve it and I can dig deeper if you provide the Build ID. Another thing to give clues is to download the source code and run it in the Native IDE (Xcode for iOS / Android Studio for Android), when you run there, you receive more in depth error information that can potentially clue you into the area of issue.

Most times the errors can be solved by making a change to your project like you did. Sometimes it’s an issue with our platform internally and we make a Hotfix to address the general problem so it doesn’t occur again. Our system gets better and better in time by solving for these edge cases through our developer community like you hitting a hurdle and us investigating.

Thank you for being an active member in the Developer Forum. This allows us all to win by sharing information and helping each other in our endeavors.


@wade, I know this is a little older of a post but if the build never succeeds how do we download the source code? I’ve never seen an option to download the source code unless the build is successful and I’m presented the option of deploying the build. Thanks!


You know what… I’ve been thinking about that from a support perspective since I have access to projects through the use of the Build ID. You’re absolutely correct. You can’t download a app failing to build. In those situations, if you can’t figure it out while troubleshooting in Dropsource, reach out in forum.

Now the other side to this (and what I was referring to but doing so incorrectly) is the times when the app builds, runs, and while you try to do something in the app, it crashes. In those runtime error situations, you can download and look for more in depth information.

Thanks for hitting on that because I wasn’t describing this correctly.


Thanks @wade. I had a feeling that’s what you were referring too. And I agree. That’s a great way to troubleshoot quickly. You guys should do a small tutorial on troubleshooting a successful app build in an IDE. Or one of the forum members could make a post if they come across it. I’m not sure I’ve seen any posts like that and it could be extremely helpful for most to know what to look for and where to look for it in their development environment outside of Dropsource. Having the ability to download the source code at any time a build is successful is really helpful and I don’t think many people think to go that route if they are experiencing crashes. Thanks for that great tip!


Hi Matt,

It would be helpful for sure. I’ll also add for the meantime that there’s oodles of resources on troubleshooting app errors in Xcode and Android Studio online. Google things like “finding errors in Xcode” and similar searches and they will pop up. I’ll paste a few here I find that look like great starts into this topic more.

In the context of Dropsource, what the goal here is to use spotting errors to hone you into the area of the app where the error exists and to find any important clues that will help you look at your project in those areas inside Dropsource to solve it.

If you find yourself still stuck, these details are great to add to a post. I’m doing the same thing when I pull a project down from a Build ID. Running the app and looking to expose the errors so I can then go into Dropsource and see how to fix it from your point of view there.

Hope this helps for the time being, Matt. Great topic to bring up in more details as well.




Awesome @wade! Thanks for posting those resources. I’m sure there are tons of users that could benefit from this.

I hope my post wasn’t taken as me complaining. I think the documentation of Dropsource is phenomenal and the platform is amazing as well. I thought maybe a basic tutorial or resource on external troubleshooting would be helpful.


Oh Not At All, Matt. You make a good point here. This is an open community forum. You’re welcome to offer criticisms and you did so in a respectful and professional way. You’re absolutely in the right and your feedback is certainly hitting the correct person which is me.

I very much appreciate your insights and invite you to continue being an amazingly active member on Dropsource and this forum.