[Resolved] Special Characters Not Showing Properly


The market I want to deliver an app uses Spanish as its primary language, so I’m developing the app in this language. Now that I’m testing the app on Xcode I’ve noticed that special characters like “¡Contáctanos!” is appearing as “?Cont?ctanos!”.

Is there any way to solve this issue in or outside Dropsource?


Hey I’m sorry you are experiencing this issue - I think I know what might be causing this. I will look into the cause and get it resolved for you!


Hey there Nate!

Any news regarding this bug? Is it planned to be resolved soon? I plan to launch an app next week, but the only thing that is limiting me to do it is this bug. Is there any way I can get this resolved outside Dropsource (maybe changing some little things on xCode)?

Thank you in advance!



We have looked into it but do not have a resolution for it inside of the tool yet. In the meantime if you message me on our live chat tool within Dropsource, I will be happy to assist you get your app ready to be deployed!



Hey there,

When you get a moment, could you try building your application again? The special characters issue should hopefully be fixed now.



Great to hear that! Lots of work could be saved now without having to do it manually anymore! :heart_eyes:

Thank you team of Dropsource! :tada:

EDIT: I can now confirm it’s working! :blush: