[Resolved] Sending images to and getting images from Bubble to Dropsource - Edited


@seanhoots yes I did see that, and I followed it and still to no avail.

@LOIC, yes you got it. I did mean I want to GET an image from Bubble to display in a table cell along with other Transaction information. Not sure it matters but I am attempting to do this for an iOS app, and I tried to do all that, but it does not allow me to bind the GET Response photo URL to the image element.

Nor does it allow me to select the Table View element, Cell, or the Image element. It’s just grayed out. Is this an issue you encountered before?

How important are page variables for this instance? Perhaps I’m missing something there.


Hold on… I think I had some double binding and logic crossing up…

Making some progress, I’ll be back with an update.


the request Get List of Transaction data source must be linked to the Table view 1, then inside the Table View you have the Table cell view, where you have your picture, and other text you want to display .

So you should be able to link the Image View to the picture., Well it works on my side like this, may be there is an another issue.


@LOIC and @seanhoots, I got it to work. Woo! Thank you to both of you!

I’m not sure if it’s because there are a lot of records to load, but cells are loading rather slowly. For instance, it takes a good 5 seconds if not more for the cells in view to load anything, and sometimes it’s not even the full info until even longer.

Have you experienced any lag or slowness of performance in your cells GET’ing records to display?


I think it could be easier for us to understand the whole thing if you could share us the link to your bubble tables and work flows (read only). This way users don’t need to guess how to build the back end.


how do you turn a image into a url though I get you add https: to the begining but that doesn’t seem t work for me is their something else I’m supposed to do?


the append to a string mentioned above worked for me (thanks @seanhoots ), it looks like this.

In my case I was trying to load a dynamic list with images, so I created this workflow on the On Load event of the dynamic list tile.


sorry for my lack of knowledge re Bubble but what is S3? thx



@Gounaman s3 is Amazon’s cloud storage (Simple Storage Service) used for storing and retrieving any kind of files.
That is the service Bubble use’s for storing a bubble application’s files (images, audio, video, text files, etc)


live and learn. thank you again!!!



Hi all,
I haven’t even gone to uploading the image step. I just created a page called pickphoto and tried to pick and image from photo library.

I was able to open the select an image page after calling pick image step, then I want to display that image on my page by using set value element image asset = event data picked image.

The problem is after I selected the image, the page where I selected the ingae from library doesn’t hide automatically so I can’t see the selected image on my pickphoto page.

What is the step I am missing?


As I’ve replied in the editor chat I’m wondering if you’re trying the image pick action in a page event which would make it run again when the app returns to the page causing a loop. If that’s the case I’d move it to a user interaction event such as a button tap.


you are correct, @sue. it is caused by pick an image event that is triggered when the page loads.

Didn’t realize that after the image is selected there’s go to page event runs in the background. in this case to to my original page. I thought it merely hides a select image dialog box or something.


Right so the device is basically leaving your app to go to the image picker then coming back to the app in which case some of those page events will fire.


where do you implement this exactly?

The tutorial has an example of swagger file but nowhere I can find above section.


See the images in this post. Should be in the picturebody section


Got it! I was able to create the upload button now but it doesn’t seem to upload an image. I went to see the database and look at the column for picture it looks like still empty…


This method did not work for me. I followed all the steps, modified the json file, tried for hours…
image is not uploaded to bubble backend.
This is a serious issue, we really need a codeless way to setup this. without it my app is worthless.


Finally worked.
Still, I recommend https://editor.swagger.io for json change, way easier than notepad and we can export the file in a clic.


@jparker I am new to drop source. And so far I did everything that you have described above and I am getting the same error message.
Sometimes the final json file itself gives me errors.
Were you able to fix all of this?

If yes, could you please tell me how to execute the upload image functionality?