[RESOLVED] Request Permissions action


Hi @sue and @wade, when was this action added? Just recently saw it.
Does it mean we now have to explicitly add this action to request users for permissions.
I remember at first when you added a location or camera action the appropriate permission was automatically requested if i’m not wrong.


@seanhoots I’m not positive when it was placed into the platform but this is how you officially request permissions. For example of use here let’s use GPS locations (coarse/fine), If you were to just start tracking location, there would be a race condition happening until you came back to the page and hit the track location action again because the 1st time it was hit, it asked permission but it doesn’t auto follow up with tracking location on that 1st go.

This is a way to get the permissions before trying to track location so that the 1st time you do track location, it will already have the permission to and work on the 1st go around.


Oh I see. Thanks for the explanation.